“SEO services are search engine optimization services intended to increase visibility and ultimately organic search traffic to websites. These are often provided by agencies .”


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Target One Diversity Services!

This service concentrates both on diversity as well as rank boosting. We need permanent  ranking to with stand all future updates.

“The way we plan the champaigns & the combination of Backlings will bring you The Long Term Results. A new site takes time to rang. But once they get ranking, You can relax & enjoy your site conversions.

Highlights of our services

Different Steps Involved In This Service:

It’s every dream to get its page ranging to their sites, seo is a long term process to drive free organic. Now a days you can rang quickly by using some private network links.

"Link Building To Generate Terms".
"Link Building To long Tail Keywords".

"Social Sharing To Improve  Authority Of The Page we are Targeting"

"Link building Done on Raw URL AS Anchor To Build Initial Authority".
"Link building To Main Keywords & Brand Terms To Boost Rankings".
"Submission To Powerful Indexing Services For Better Indexing Rate".

Get Ready To Rank Your Site

Complete Anchor text diversity will be maintained for long term results.
Manual link building by  5+ years experienced team.

Strictly no private network sites will be used in this service.

No hidden links, you will get all reports.
Packages suits for 80th new sites as well as established sites.
Long term service with quick support.
Are You Looking To Get Diversity Links & Long Term Rankings To Your Site?

It’s every One’s dream to get IST page rankings to their sites . SEO is a long term process to drive free organic traffic to your site A new site takes time to rank but once they get rankings you can relax & enjoy your site conversions. Now a days you can rank quickly by using some private network links but now long will those results last? if anything goes wrong overnight you will lose all the free traffic.

our pricing plans

Target One Link Building Packages

  • 5 High DA contextual Links

  • 10 High DA powerful profile links

  • 10 High DA Raw URL Bio Links

  • 3 Top Article Submissions

  • 3 Top Q&A Links

  • 3 High DA Document Sharing Links

  • You can Provide 1 URL  - 1 Main  KWO & 1- 2 Long Tail KWDS

  • All Together  You can Provide UP To 3 KWDS

  • 100 High DA Contextual Links
  • 100 High DA Powerful Profile  Links
  • 10 Top Articvle Submissions
  • 10 Top social Bookmark Links
  • 10 Top Q&A Links
  • 10 High  DA Document Sharing Links
  • So social Sharing Links
  • You Can Provide 1 URL-1-3 Main KWDS & 6-7 Long Tail KWDS
  • All Together You Can Provide  Upto 10 KWDS TAT:25-30 WD

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    FAQs About Our Services

    You probably have some questions

    We work on all sites except adult

    Yes you will get full reports  from this service.

    This is not guaranteed ranking service but we do our best to provide quality service.

    No refund once order is started you will get full refund if we fail to deliver your project

    Provide less number of keywords for better results. You can also give keywords & URLS based on your requirements.

    Small strike pack is for low camp keywords & to test our service links. go for big blow pack for full benefits from this service.

    We use mixture of Dofollow & Nofollow links to maintain the diversity

    we write 2 unique articles for small strike pack & 16 unique articles for big blow pack the we rewrite & will do the submissions. we also write separate short description for each order

    The best SEO team in the world

    “The guys designed, developed and optimized my site. Rest is a success story worth telling. We went from 0 to 40,000 visitors a day and sold on an average 500 tickets a day within 18 months of the site being launched.”